Antimo Cimino



Born in the South of Italy (Manduria, Puglia), Antimo lived in Firenze until he moved to Portland Oregon in 1996. Antimo holds a degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management from an International Catering School in Brindisi.  In the USA, he has completed a BA in International Studies and now completing an MA in Intercultural Relations. Antimo was also a ballet and Jazz dancer for over 8 years. Being from a family of artists, his knowledge in, and passion for, the arts are enormous.

His body of work "Body, Soul & Architecture" has been featured at Littman Gallery, Bershad Gallery, Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, the Oregon State Capital, Viscount Ballroom, Il Fornaio, Torrefazione Italia, and Starbucks. His photographs have been published in Perceptions, Magazine of the Arts in In 1999, 2000, and 2001.







The human forms are limited by our own cultural values and negative perception of the nude, but when combined with classical stone forms they give birth to a safe and non confrontational work of art concealing clues about its creator and the people of a particular culture.

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