D E N N I S       C O U G H L I N

Continuing in the tradition established by Alfred Stieglitz who immortalized in silver emulsion his wife, Georgia O’Keefe, Dennis Coughlin has photographed his muse, Heather. This collaboration is evident in the resultant poignant images in dramatic lights and shadows.

Coughlin, from Conway New Hampshire, has been developing and printing his own photographs since 1999. His interests then, and for most of his life, were primarily landscapes, then in the year 2000 he wandered into the Radiant Light Gallery and instantly his creative direction changed toward the human form.

He soon was invited by Thom Adams to participate in his first show, and has been into this form of expression ever since. Spring 2003 finds Dennis involved with his most prominant exposure to-date, also at the Radiant Light Gallery: Women Wearing Only Light: A World Premiere of Leonard Freed's Female Nudes with Images by Dennis Coughlin.

While Dennis still enjoys landscape, the creative energy he experiences from collaborating with live models, working together to bring to film a particular mood, this area of photography should occupy his main interest for the foreseeable future

Late One Night