George Daniell

"Photographer, painter, documenter of the renowned and the anonymous, George Daniell, now in his late eighties, has spent a good part of his creative existence holding a small but powerful recording apparatus up to the world. 'A Life in Pictures' Daniell has called it, and so it has been: from the remarkable early portraits of himself..., to the light-filled photographs of his adopted downeast Maine, this consummate camera-artist has captured with the clarity and grace the goings-on of this charmed planet. [These] images carry the viewer around the world, with stops in New York City, Tahiti, Maine, and finally Italy. Most of all, Daniell gives us insight in to the human face, be it the alert noncharlance of Audrey Hapburn, or the half-smiling visage of an impish Greek, looking at us from the focsle of a steamer." - Carl Little