Leonard Freed

Magnum photographer "Leonard Freed's pictures don't court chaos. The places he goes to have chaos enough for anyone. Mr. Freed's profession is photojournal, aand he is one of the pre-eminent Americans in the field, routinely traveling to the lands of the dead, the mad and the felonious, bringing back the goods for people too busy or timid to tour such regions on their own. He came to prominence in the 1960's, a time when 'photojournalist" ranked with "novelist" and "musician" as an ideal vocation for the smart, young and disaffected. Cameras gave reasons to barge in, stare and leave; they also justified a sometimes pathological distance, an incapacity for commitment. With the right press pass, one became a 'priviledged witness.' " Peter Hale, The New York times.

Leonard Freed's documentarian images and female nudes are found in museum and private collections around the world.

Freed, born in 1929, is currently working on a series of images of Rome. He studied with Alexey Brodovitch and was encouraged by the photographic titan Edward Steichen. He was invited to joined the prestigious Magnum Photo Agency in 1972. His work is noted for its probing and complex images of social; discrimination, oppression and violence as well as lyrical images of ordinary life. This poet-photographer’s female nudes are a radical departure from all his previous work.