Rolf Koppel

Rolf Koppel's sensitively -made photographic still lifes and male nudes share qualities of their historical references and contemporary art. They derive from the world of visual arts, music literature and mythology.

Like his still lifes Koppel's male nudes dance with light. Koppel dissects the picture planes with light and shadow abstractions that both describe and distort the subjects. His sensiblity is cubistic, yet fluid. His images have multiple focal points, conveying Koppel's belief that perceived reality is far from absolute.

"Photography gains when it is a performing art because the photographer's performance is all the photo act can ever accurately record. One of charms of a good photographic print is that given some loving care it can contain simultaneously both the sillness of space and the motion of creativity." - Rolf Koppel

Koppel's image are in high demand in Europe and America because his work is non-paril. Each image is editioned at 25.