Reed Massengill

Reed Massengill is a widely published writer and photographer who was born in Knoxville Tennessee in 1961. His most recent book, Massengill Men, (Bruno Gmunder, Berlin, 1997) is his second collection of male nudes. His first published collection of photographs, entitled simply as Massengill was published by St. Martin's Press in 1996.

He is also the Pulitzer prize nominated author of the critically acclaimed Portrait of a Racist (St. MartinŐs Press, 1994), a biography of the white supremacist Byron De La Beckwith, who was convicted in 1994 of the assassination of Mississippi civil rights leader Medgar Evers.

"Although the art of photography is much changed today, and technology is making all sorts of undreamed advances as possible, Reed clearly strives in his own work to capture the same male beauty I always strove to capture - the Greek ideal, the human body at its perfection." - Lon Hanagan