Elizabeth Tuttie



Elizabeth Tuttie is an artist who lives and works in Camden Maine. Her platinum prints have a soft timeless quality.  Many of her images appear to be from the 19th century and yet they are fresh. Some of them give the viewer a disturbing voyeuristic sensation.  Much of her work is based on time and the restraints of time and the restraints of acceptable social behavior in our day.  Her work delves into deep thoughts, passing fancies or maybe things we do, also the conflicts of reality and fantasy of behavior.

She is using antiquated and cumbersome large view cameras to do her work, 11”x14” & 5”x7”. The photographs are hand printed in platinum and palladium on rag watercolor paper.  This same technique was used in the late 1800’s. They are rich velvety and sensuous prints. The technique helps create the confusion of time in her work. It makes the viewer wonder if these are images from the past or present. Making the viewer wonder and think is very important to this artist's work.