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Radiant Light exhibits vintage and contemporary images which explore humankind, its lifestyles, its customs and relationships, through portraiture, male and female nudes, "street" and documentary photography. The gallery represents world-class photographers who specialize in figurative images, hand wrought in silver gelatin, platinum and other artistic media. The gallery also showcases painting, sculpture and other art forms of the highest quality.

The gallery is the result of Thomas Adams' life-long love of art; his still young passion for collecting other photographers' work, and a single course he took at the Maine College of Art. The gallery is a exhibition space for figurative art that is usually found in galleries in New York and Boston. The gallery invites visitors to linger and discuss photographic art. Art is the great leveler of social class. The gallery is not a museum; it is a wayside home for artists, prospective buyers, and spectators to have good discussions and moving experiences.

Since its founding in 1999, the gallery has featured the work of luminaries and emerging photographers and other artists. Its group exhibitions have included work, among others by Thom Adams, Prinny Alavi, Lucien Clergue, George Daniell, Everett Engbers, Leonard Freed, Carl Austin Hyatt, Annie Leibowitz, Costa Manos, Douglas Prince, Jock Sturges, Todd Webb, and Myron Wood.

Radiant Light Gallery showcases works of artists whose poignant images resound in the memory afterwards. Novice and long-term collectors find the gallery respected resource for the finest in figurative images.

Radiant Light Gallery was formerly located in Portland, Maine

Rolf Koppel, Smiling Boy, 1999




The Romantic Male Nude
ed. James Spada

Fall,  2007


The Last Picture Show in Maine:
Thom Adams’ Photographs 1998 - 2006

Thom Adams: Martyrs' Wall

September 1 - 26, 2006
Artist reception Sept 8, 5-8:30 pm